Digital Nirvana Harnesses AI Tools in Media Services Portal for Advanced Compliance Logging

Author:Wall Street Communications

FREMONT, Calif. — April 2, 2019 — Digital Nirvana, a provider of leading-edge media monitoring and metadata generation services, today unveiled powerful new artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities in its Media Services Portal that can be accessed seamlessly by the company’s MonitorIQ broadcast-monitoring solution. Digital Nirvana’s Media Services Portal is a comprehensive, one-stop suite of solutions for meeting the full gamut of broadcasters’ closed-captioning requirements. Media Services Portal offers powerful, AI-powered capabilities such as automatic closed caption generation, intelligent quality checking of captions, and a video intelligence engine that can detect ads, logos, objects, and faces. As a comprehensive broadcast-monitoring solution, MonitorIQ is able to take advantage of these capabilities to enhance and accelerate functions of a typical compliance logger. “The integration of MonitorIQ and Media Services Portal opens up a whole new world of AI-enhanced possibilities for broadcasters to record, store, and repurpose content,” said Russell Wise, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Digital Nirvana. “Through intelligent and immediate logging and feedback of content quality and compliance, broadcasters are better-positioned to meet regulatory, compliance, and licensing requirements for closed captioning, decency, and advertising monitoring.” Linux-based for maximum security and reliability, MonitorIQ automatically records and monitors linear and/or OTT streams and uses the AI capabilities in Media Services Portal to alert for closed-caption quality issues and search the stored video for objects, ads, logos, and people. Of particular interest to Avid users is the Metadator component in Media Services Portal, which uses built-in media intelligence for object and scene recognition – together with automatic speech-to-text technology – to help create accurate, multilingual captions and metadata for Avid assets. In addition, the quality check service in Media Services Portal leverages AI to provide automated closed-caption quality assessment and caption realignment. MonitorIQ is able to access all of these capabilities to enhance asset searching and streamline closed caption compliance.