Digital Nirvana Details Benefits of Trance Captioning Solution

Author:Wall Street Communications

Automatic transcriptions, localization translations, captioning converting, the ability to assess the actual quality of captions automatically, conformed to the style guides of various digital outlets.

If it sounds like Digital Nirvana’s Trance — an enterprise-level, cloud-based web app for producing transcripts, captions and translations, all backed by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies — can do it all, well it can.

“We wanted a product that harnessed the power of AI, and was easy to use,” said Russell Wise, SVP of Digital Nirvana, during the May 18 webinar “Leveraging AI and Cloud for the Generation of Captions.”

“These are powerful technologies, and you really need to wrap it up with workflows, the right interfaces, the right tools, so people can just jump in and be productive.”

Geared toward taking away so many of the headaches involved with modern caption creating, Trance is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that puts AI-powered automation into everything, and generates rich metadata along the way.

“There are plenty of speech recognition engines in the market, but in our 15 years of experience we’ve found no perfect, one-size-fits-all speech-to-text engine,” said Ed Hauber, director of business development for Digital Nirvana. “We continuously research and evaluate the text-to-speech engines in the market, and identify the best solutions.

“With Trance, productivity gains of 50% and greater is achievable compared to other desktop-enabled applications.”

During the webinar, Hauber walked attendees through Trance’s abilities, step-by-step, sharing how to import media, create, view and edit transcripts in one single window, configure presets and single-click generation of closed captions, automatically translate text to a secondary language, and export caption sidecars in industry-standard formats … and the quickness in which all could be done was eye-opening.

Trance’s capabilities offer broadcasters a higher level of accuracy, flexibility and scalability, reducing costs and helping users gain a competitive advantage, the presenters said, by more effectively repurposing content libraries, and streamlining workflows.