Digital Nirvana AI in the cloud with MediaServicesIQ and MonitorIQ for compliance

FREMONT, Calif. — July 24, 2020— Digital Nirvana announced in July the launch of MediaServicesIQ, a comprehensive suite of cloud-based microservices that leverage advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning (ML) capabilities to streamline media production, postproduction and distribution workflows. MediaServicesIQ offers a comprehensive portal from which users can access Digital Nirvana’s high-performance, AI-powered technology solutions: speech synthesis, content classification, subtitle generation and compliance, and an ad-capable video intelligence engine advertisements, logos, objects and faces.

Digital Nirvana

MediaServicesIQ offers a core set of AI capabilities and makes them available in a layer that can be easily accessed from newsrooms, live sports and entertainment productions, post houses and other multimedia operations to accelerate critical processes, reduce mundane tasks and freeing up staff to do more creative work.

Building on custom or standard in-house production and monitoring workflow platforms, MediaServicesIQ provides access to a collection of high-performance AI capabilities in the cloud including text-to-speech, video intelligence, and metadata generation that can be orchestrated to provide intelligence and usable insights.

These capabilities enable intelligent and immediate recording and feedback of content quality and compliance, better broadcaster positioning to meet regulatory, compliance and licensing requirements for subtitles, decency and ad tracking.

Digital Nirvana

MediaServicesIQ provides an easy-to-access portal to these services through custom-developed workflows or through continuous access to popular Digital Nirvana applications including MonitorIQ 7.0, MetadatorIQ and Trance.

An integration of AI microservices with Digital Nirvana’s MonitorIQ 7.0 compliance logging system enables powerful video intelligence applications and insights, including:

  • The ability to record, archive and retrieve content for compliance, quality of service and insights into broadcast content
  • Automatic transcription of content from live broadcasts and commercials
  • Automatic detection of logos, objects, faces and shots
  • Automatic extraction of on-screen text
  • The ability to identify commercial breaks in recorded content
  • The ability to identify confidential words or topics in logged / registered content, as well as the classification of incoming advertising material for confidential content
  • Automatic reporting for volume compliance, QoE, SCTE inserts, ad detection and identification
  • Automatic content classification
  • The ability to assess the quality and compliance of captions

Digital Nirvana

MediaServicesIQ integrates with Digital Nirvana’s MetadatorIQ to provide automated metadata creation in pre-production, production and live content workflows.

Optimized for Avid MediaCentral | Production management resources, MetadatorIQ applies advanced content analytics based on AI and ML to automatically generate better structured, more detailed and more accurate metadata. Media operations benefit in two main ways: first, by saving huge time in anticipating metadata generation, and then by giving producers the ability to focus on the resources they need right away.

For automatic subtitle/subtitle generation and subtitle quality compliance, MediaServicesIQ provides seamless access to Digital Nirvana’s Trance 3.0 toolset.

Trance combines state-of-the-art STT technology and other AI-based processes with cloud-based architecture to bring metadata and subtitle generation into existing operations, enabling media companies to radically reduce delivery times and costs of accurate and compliant content for worldwide publication. They can also enrich and classify content, enabling more effective reuse of media libraries and facilitating smarter targeting of commercials.


The MonitorIQ broadcast monitoring and compliance platform enables a seamless migration path for broadcasters who have used Volicon Observer to the end of support. The Volicon system ended support in June 2020 and the development and refinement of Observer’s feature sets have been transferred to MonitorIQ to ensure more in-depth control solutions on the content transmitted and therefore to derive greater value from those assets.

Digital Nirvana

MonitorIQ goes beyond regulatory and compliance requirements, giving broadcasters access to valuable next-generation tools for content processing and analysis.

Digital Nirvana offers MonitorIQ as a secure and easy-to-use solution that allows broadcasters to record, archive, monitor, analyze and reuse content.

The platform enables broadcasters to collect and use knowledge about their broadcast content to meet a wide range of regulatory and compliance requirements.

Built on a reliable and secure Linux platform, it is extensible to broadcast operations with open APIs.

With MonitorIQ, broadcasters gain access to AI-based cloud microservices for subtitle generation, subtitle quality assessment, caption realignment, and video intelligence for objects, advertising, logos, and facial recognition.