Digital Nirvana selected to provide Automated Closed Caption Generation

Author:Wall Street Communications

Digital Nirvana has been awarded a contract to supply closed captions to a premium, prominent sports network distributor using its Media Services Portal. The Media Services Portal is a cloud-based set of microservices that accesses AI technologies including automatic speech to text, video intelligence, and a host of closed caption related services for post-production, distribution, and archiving applications. With the FCC mandating the posting of accurate captions to repurposed broadcast content within 8 hours from the time of the actual broadcast, Digital Nirvana’s closed caption workflow, with an STT engine at its core, and a seamless API-based integration to the customer workflow, was able to address this challenge with its superior technical expertise and service experience. Language model adaptation with text data and the ability to train STT engines specifically with relevant sports data improves STT output quality, considerably reducing manual effort.