AMEC 2016: Summit Sponsor Digital Nirvana’s Media Monitoring & Analysis To Highlight AMEC 2016 Summit

Author:Pipeline Communications

Fremont, CA, June 9, 2016 – At Digital Nirvana will be the Summit Sponsor at the International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication(AMEC)Summit, June 15-16 in London. AMEC is the growing global trade body and professional institute for agencies and practitioners who provide media evaluation and communication research. “This conference gives us a wonderful opportunity to connect with potential customers and discuss our solutions,” said Hiren Hindocha, CEO of Digital Nirvana. “Every time we attend AMEC we walk away with a much deeper understanding of the pain points for media monitoring & measurement and we’re better able to customize our services to address those challenges. “In response to customer feedback received at previous AMEC shows, we’ve tailored our solutions to include a multi-language media monitoring & analysis service and developed cost-effective solutions to acquire and monitor broadcast & print content which was something small to mid-sized firms have trouble doing. Digital Nirvana is well positioned to provide global broadcast content acquisition to these companies so they can maintain their customer relationships and meet their clients’ needs.”

Digital Nirvana will demonstrate services for media analysis, media content management, news report generation, broadcast news summarization, and transcription at the show. Digital Nirvana is an end-to-end service provider specializing in TV, Radio, and Print content acquisition, media analysis, and custom reporting for media monitoringcompanies. The company also provides back-office services, such as media content management, data services, content conversion, tagging and reporting. Its key offerings in the media monitoring space are coding and news report generation, which includes the monitoring, and clipping of TV, Radio, and Print content from local, national and global news. Digital Nirvana’s solutions incorporates both content acquisition and content processing, including: monitoring and recording the content, automatically transcribing and translating the content, identifying key words for search, coding and analysis, report generation, and alert set-up. Learn more at

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