Digital Nirvana Releases Trance 3.0

Author:TV Technology

The release brings together speech-to-text technology and other AI-driven processes

FREEMONT, Calif.—Digital Nirvana has released version 3.0 of its Trance enterprise-grade, cloud-based closed captioning and transcription application.

“Trance 3.0 includes a convenient new transcript correction window, a text translation engine that simplifies and speeds captioning in additional languages and automated caption conformance to accelerate delivery of content to new platforms and geographic regions,” said Russell Wise, senior vice president at Digital Nirvana.

The release, which brings together speech-to-text technology and other AI-driven processes, enhances both the efficiency of the internal captioning processes at media companies, while opening up new business opportunities, and allows those working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic to maintain their productivity while preparing content for distribution on a variety of platforms, he added.

Enhancements include:

Captioning and translation: Trance 3.0 offers a new transcript correction window to simplify the process of reviewing and correcting transcripts used for closed caption. Time-synced video and captions are presented side by side in a window with tools for editing text, adding visual cues, music tags and speaker tags. Source text can be translated automatically into one or more languages.

Caption conformance and quality assurance: Trance 3.0’s caption conformance and quality assurance capabilities allow users to configure captions according to the style guidelines of each distribution platform. Users configure and apply presents for target platforms, and trance automates formatting. Captions are displayed in a captioner window for final comparison to video. Once approved, the file is used to generate captions needed for the multiple output formats required for distribution.

Orchestration and project management: The latest version also orchestrates the closed-captioning process from end to end. It provides a project management layer that centralizes and streamlines tasks to minimize manual oversight and intervention. Trance automatically handles the movement and processing of content, transcription, translation and captioning. It tracks the productivity, workload and availability of different staff members and identifies the most appropriate person to task with a particular job. Trance 3.0 also delivers notifications and alerts as needed.