Podcasts – The Medium of the Millennials

Podcasts the medium of the millennials

Everyone loves listening to stories; a very well narrated story can ignite a spark within listeners. Stories are nothing but experiences narrated in the most interesting fashion. Through storytelling, our ancestors have passed down wisdom, knowledge, culture, history, and traditions to their generations.

Over the years, the art of storytelling has evolved into podcasts, a term coined in the year 2004, and a portmanteau of ‘iPod’ and ‘broadcast’; meaning, an audio show, spread across a series of episodes that can be downloaded from the Internet and listened to through different formats.

Podcasts have evolved to become the most important medium to share information, pass down knowledge, and even share stories with listeners. Podcast streaming is growing pretty fast and has almost doubled in four years. With people listening to online talk shows on the rise, podcasts are here to stay.  

According to research, more than 55% of Americans spend more time listening to podcasts than watching TV, and more than 66% of people listen to more than 7 hours of podcasts each week, and the most interesting part is, they all fall under the 25-50 age group. Statistics show, that by the year 2021, the number of podcast listeners in the US alone would be 100 million, which is around one-third of the US population.

One of the primary reasons why people are switching to podcasts, be it to listen or produce, is because of the freedom it offers. Unlike other broadcast mediums, there are no time restrictions, and a podcast can overshoot the time limit (there’s none though) if required. With more and more talented youngsters getting hooked to podcasts, its content has started seeing tremendous improvement over the years.

Easy accessibility is another reason why people prefer podcasts over other mediums. The millennials prefer handheld devices over the others. By letting go off their desktops and switching over to mobiles, access to podcasts have become simpler; all they need to do is to download and listen. Thanks to their hectic lifestyle, they prefer anything that they can listen to while on the move, and mobile devices are the most convenient to do that. Businesses and industries too prefer podcasts to expand their global outreach, and have started using them to market their products, not just because of their popularity, but also because of its ease of creation and use.

Podcasts allow listeners to determine items of interest. A news aggregator that supports podcasting will enable them receive updates in their feed they have subscribed to.

Even the most inspiring content in a podcast can be missed if it doesn’t have a text version. Creating a text version of podcasts or creating summaries out of them improves searchability and SEO, provides an opportunity to people who are hearing impaired to understand its contents, and helps in content repurposing.

Still dreaming of becoming a podcaster? Start today. Happy Podcasting!!