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News Report Generation

Digital Nirvana’s News Report Generation services enable data management capabilities. We generate reports by monitoring, clipping, and creating tags on radio and TV content for local, national, and global news. Analyzing the relevancy or irrelevancy of the media content is a practice being adopted by entities worldwide.

Catering to this need, our service currently monitors 540 radio stations, 1,000 TV stations for news and performs 50,000 keyword searches per day to provide news-based insights to our customers. Our customers enjoy the benefit of real-time news clipping and monitoring of content/tagging based on their requirements. We provide our customers with the original potential of data in an organized fashion for review to make decisions.

Digital Nirvana

Media Monitoring Services

  • Digital Nirvana has been serving media industry for more than two decades. Our Media Monitoring Services and Analysis is powered with cutting-edge technology to monitor TV, Radio, Print, Online and Social Media. If you are looking for insights on your brand’s overall visibility on media or measuring the impact of your campaigns, our Media Monitoring Services and Analysis can help you.

  • We help you in real-time news monitoring for providing quantitative data to scientifically analyze major trends in your organization’s public perception. We offer clipping, tagging and coding services to generate specific reports that could aid inaccurate decision making.

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