NAB Video: AnyStreamIQ OTT Monitoring

As OTT content becomes a bigger revenue driver in your organization, OTT recording and monitoring becomes critical. Many broadcasters currently monitor their live streams manually using tablets, phones and other devices. This manual process is expensive, time-consuming and prone to error.

That’s why Digital Nirvana showcased AnyStreamIQ at last month’s NAB Show.  This cost-effective OTT monitoring solution automatically records and monitors live streams from the cloud. With AnyStreamIQ, you’ll always know if your live streams are up and running with no loss of video, audio or closed captions. And you’ll be confident your viewers are having a high quality experience with your OTT broadcast.

With AnyStreamIQ, you can record and monitor FLV, HLS and HDS streams. Search recorded streams with any web browser. Cut and clip recorded content quickly and easily. And receive alerts on all channels in one report. So you save hours of time and improve productivity, while creating a high-quality OTT workflow.

In the video below, our CEO, Hiren Hindocha, discusses the new features of AnyStreamIQ and how it can benefit your operations.

For more info about the latest version of AnyStreamIQ, please check out our news release on its introduction.