NAB Booth Highlight: AnyStreamIQ 2.0

By Hiren Hindocha

At the NAB show next month, one of the highlights of the Digital Nirvana booth will be the newest version of our AnyStreamIQ OTT monitoring system. We first introduced AnyStreamIQ at last year’s show in response to the increasing popularity in live streaming and growing importance of reliable OTT monitoring, and are looking forward to showing off Version 2.0 at NAB 2014.

AnyStreamIQ is the industry’s first-ever cloud-based OTT monitoring solution, reliably monitoring OTT content to ensure that live streams are up and running. It monitors for quality and compliance issues, such as loss of video, audio or FCC mandated closed captions. AnyStreamIQ Version 2.0 features support for HDS capture and advanced alert reporting. The solution greatly benefits the operations of broadcasters, content creators, aggregators, and distributors of streaming content by meeting all of their monitoring needs in today’s sophisticated content delivery environment.

Using a cloud-based monitoring solution offers many benefits, including the elimination of expensive equipment, and the inclusion of a subscription-based pricing model that spreads monitoring costs throughout the year. There is no hardware or software to install with AnyStreamIQ, and it offers a browser-based interface. If you’d like to learn more about AnyStreamIQ, please visit our product page, and we welcome you to visit us at the show to learn more. The Digital Nirvana team is looking forward to demonstrating AnyStreamIQ 2.0 at our NAB booth (SU11017), and we hope to see you there.