MonitorIQ’s SmartSearch Allows for Targeted Clip Searching

One of the new unique features offered with the latest version of our broadcast monitoring system, MonitorIQ V 4.0, is SmartSearch, which allows users to easily find clips based on specific parameters that they set.

SmartSearch enables searches to be as broad or as specific as desired. Users can search for clips based on set parameters, including date, time, channel, descriptions or titles. It also allows users to search for keywords in the closed caption, as run or traffics logs, as well as in error reports. With SmartSearch, MonitorIQ operators can easily define the specific clips they’re looking for using Boolean searches. Once results are found, all clips are noted in a list containing hyperlinks that go directly to the video or content by the click of a mouse.

MonitorIQ 4.0 gives operators the advantage of SmartSearch’s flexible search options, making it easier than ever to find the information they’re looking for, with no hassle involved.

The latest version of MonitorIQ is now shipping. You can read more about MonitorIQ’s features here.