MonitorIQ 5.0’s New Multi-View Monitoring Function

The latest MonitorIQ media management platform, version 5.0, incorporates many features that were created in response to user feedback, including its multi-view monitoring capability.

MonitorIQ 5.0’s New Multi-View Monitoring Function

Broadcasters monitor several channels simultaneously in the course of their daily operations. Of course, scrolling back and forth between channels is cumbersome. So, we’ve incorporated multi-view functionality for easy viewing of multiple channels at once. There are a few ways that users can take advantage of MonitorIQ’s multi-view option:

The first way to access the multi-view capability is through the user’s ‘Monitor’ page – which displays thumbnail screens of HD or SD channels. A customer can use this feature to view all channels at once. MonitorIQ Version 5 enables a consolidated view of all services currently being monitored by the media management platform. This screen will show alerts of any broadcasting errors that the platform finds, enabling quick and easy problem identification. The ‘Monitor’ page is bandwidth and processing efficient, providing thumbnails to give the operator visual confidence that the platform is monitoring all channels efficiently.

The other way to monitor multiple channels simultaneously in MonitorIQ 5.0 is via the user’s ‘Viewer’ page – which displays numerous channels in full-motion video.

Our new multi-view features allow broadcasters to monitor all of their channels at multiple points in their broadcast chain and from multiple return paths as well as view competitive programming – all at once. MonitorIQ 5.0 makes the monitoring of multiple channels more efficient, and provides a full range of multi-channel signal monitoring, logging, compliance and archiving functions. Learn more about our media management platform by reaching out to us at We’d love to hear what your media management needs are and share more about how our solutions can benefit your operations.