Monitoring Streamed Media Hits High Note at NAB

Monitoring streaming media is critical today with regard to FCC regulations, advertiser ad verification, as well as checking the quality of your streams.  At NAB this year, we introduced our cloud-based product, AnyStreamIQ™, which records live streams, extracts the closed captions, and alerts operators on the loss of captions, audio or video. Because it resides entirely in the cloud, there is no hardware or software to install. All that’s required is a Web Browser.

The enthusiastic response to AnyStreamIQ™ at NAB came from some surprising sources, said our CEO, Hiren Hindocha. “To me what was surprising was the reaction to AnyStreamIQ from quarters that I wasn’t expecting.  It’s a given that local stations that stream live must have a solution like AnyStreamIQ to log their streams to ensure that they’re in compliance with the FCC regulations regarding Web Captioning, so I was prepared for a good reception from the local TV stations, and I wasn’t disappointed. What I wasn’t prepared for was the interest from content distributors that stream video content online.

Currently, there is no way for content distributors to monitor their “online channels.”  One
NAB attendee reported about his Network Operations Center (NOC) where he’s given his team of operators an iPad so that they can monitor the streams manually and report on discrepancies. He also discussed a very human issue of operators spending an inordinate amount of time on a single channel that holds their attention. AnyStreamIQ™ automates the process and so eliminates that kind of human error.

“Turnout at our booth was even better than last year, and I was impressed with the turnout last year,” Hindocha added. “We had 40% more team members attending the show, and yet everyone was occupied with booth visitors. This year I didn’t get as much time as I would have liked to explore the show and attend some of the sessions. But I plan to buy the NAB Show Playback that will give me online access to all the sessions and keynote presentations.”

“I did visit the Amazon booth this year, and I believe that this is the company to watch out for. If Helen of Troy had a face that launched thousand ships, I believe Amazon’s EC2 technology is the platform that will launch a thousand companies. Amazon’s EC2 is already being used by a host of companies that have catered to an audience measured in millions using only a handful of engineers. I believe it will soon be the platform of choice for media start-ups and enterprises.”

Hindocha spotted another company that caught his eye – Snappy TV. “This is the right use of media and web to create a solution that companies will adopt,” he said. Snappy TV is a cloud-based video capture, editing and distribution platform. It enables companies of all sizes to create, distribute and measure real-time messaging delivered via social media channels.