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Digital Nirvana offers a full suite of media accessibility solutions that are quality compliant and cost-effective at various turnaround options. Our existing clientele includes high-profile media houses and broadcast and entertainment networks.

With over two decades of transcription industry experience, we have developed a highly effective solution to meet the stringent industry standards regarding quality and turnaround times. This, along with our hybrid approach of technology, has helped us succeed in catering to the media and broadcast industry worldwide.

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We offer cloud-based closed captioning services for live and post-production content for broadcast and online delivery, including pre-recorded TV shows, online video clips, streaming videos, sports, news, corporate sessions, lectures, events, entertainment, and the house of worship videos. Combining the state of the art speech-to-text that leverages machine learning and experienced captioners help deliver accurate and compliant captions efficiently to our customers.

Since 2005, the adoption of Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) engines have made Digital Nirvana capable of delivering right from live, a high-quality transcript. Experience in transcription across verticals, including financial, medical, legal, broadcast, and technology, has made us a pioneer in this sector.

In addition to the 20+ years in transcription experience, Digital Nirvana has been innovative in terms of technology adoption, helping operations scale. The asynchronous (non-live) module of ASR is used to create a preliminary transcript transferred to users via DN’s Trance application for further edits. ASR output with word-by-word confidence ratings makes the process highly efficient and enables users to increase production within any given period and time.

Since 2016, Digital Nirvana has been providing live streaming transcription services to leading financial institutions. Digital Nirvana implements a synchronous (live streaming) ASR model, which can create language-specific models for a single customer, leading to large-scale improvements in output quality. Typically using this methodology, we have seen quality improvements in the range of at least four percentage points with every update. The Speech to Text (STT) engines can do auto ML-based training and supervised training based on the corrected data feedback provided by the customer.

Digital Nirvana’s highly efficient multilingual skilled team, which is spread worldwide, can deliver subtitles in 20+ languages at flexible turnarounds. DN’s inbuilt software Trance can assign files based on skillset and dual-pane captioning window makes this service even more simplified with minimal human intervention.

Apart from closed caption creation, subtitling, and transcription services, our flexible and proficient team has the capability of delivering captioning repurposing per customer needs. Our in-built tool, Trance, with its abilities to organize presets and control caption factors such as characters per line, caption duration, reading speed, etc., per the client’s requirement, make the scope of reformatting more handy and attainable.

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