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Digital Nirvana offers a full suite of media accessibility solutions that are quality compliant and cost-effective at various turnaround options. Our existing clientele includes high-profile media houses and broadcast and entertainment networks.

With over two decades of transcription industry experience, we have developed a highly effective solution to meet the stringent industry standards regarding quality and turnaround times. This, along with our hybrid approach of technology, has helped us succeed in catering to the media and broadcast industry worldwide.

  • Caption & Subtitling Services

  • Transcription Services

Generate highly accurate transcripts, captions, and subtitling with cloud-based technology and automated AI-driven Natural Language Processing. In addition to our turnkey, done-for-you services, Digital Nirvana offers a SaaS-based application called Trance, which leverages your current personnel and workflow to produce the same high-quality transcripts, captions, and subtitlings in your environment.

Digital Nirvana’s captioning and subtitling services are purpose-built for media and entertainment operators, leveraging the power of AI with no upfront capital expense or in-house expertise required. Our adaptive technology design can handle current and future industry standards, while our open API architecture makes integration with existing workflows seamless and easy.

Digital Nirvana’s transcription experience spans more than two decades across industries such as medical, finance, as well as media, and entertainment. Our clientele includes early-stage publicly listed companies, Fortune 500 enterprises, and well-known Film and Broadcast Studios around the globe. Digital Nirvana pioneered verbatim transcripts and summarization of earning events in India.

Digital Nirvana ensures transcripts are of the highest quality, accurately correlating video and audio content, and delivering on time, even with short turnaround times. With skilled and versatile editors we produce the highest-quality transcriptions in record time through multitasking, time management, active listening, attention to detail, a vast research database, and fast-but-accurate typing skills. Our diverse global workforce also enables us to comprehend even minute cultural sensibility in speech and produce logical transcripts.

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