Media Management Made Easy with Our MonitorIQ Platform

Recently, we introduced the latest version of our flagship media management platform, MonitorIQ. Enabling broadcasters to effectively monitor their video and meet compliance requirements, MonitorIQ Version 5.2 offers more user-friendly features than ever before. Our CEO, Hiren Hindocha, explained, “Ever since the first launch of MonitorIQ in 2009, Digital Nirvana’s research and development team has been continuously looking to enhance the end-user experience by adding new features. MonitorIQ Version 5.2 is more stable, effective and user friendly. The main focus of this version is to improve the end-user experience and make the platform as efficient and easy to use as possible.” Check out the below video clip to learn more about MonitorIQ Version 5.2: The MonitorIQ platform delivers a full range of multi-channel signal monitoring, logging, loudness monitoring, compliance, competitive analysis, advertisement verification, content repurposing and archiving functions – enabling broadcasters to capture live content from multiple sources live and monitor the video for quality and compliance. MonitorIQ features a powerful content retrieval system called SmartSearch and operates in a centralized management server environment – which unites all units deployed throughout the system to one central point. New features of MonitorIQ Version 5.2 include: •    Search filter options with updated easy-to-use calendar controls •    Provision to select multiple alert trigger type (e.g. Email, SNMP, Trigger URL) configurations •    Settings to configure player options like closed captions, subtitles, teletext, NAC, LKFS and ratings •    Enhanced geographic timezone display to identify from where the content has been broadcasted •    New options in NAS configuration to change retention period of original and proxy encoded files in storage before moving to NAS (Storage space can be used more effectively) •    Enabled Player controls in full screen mode •    Simplified “Date” and “Time” search filters controls •    Support for network tuner devices using network device discovery (via SSDP) •    Improvement to supported IPTV protocols ( MPEG-TS over HTTP) •    Performance optimization for recording multiple channels from a single input •    Support for recording H.265 in MPEG-TS

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