Media Analysis

In today’s fast evolving media industry; being able to share precise customized content to the right audience at the right time has become all the more important. Digital media analysis and monitoring has become the ultimate practice adoption for entities.

Digital Nirvana’s Media Analysis Service has been catering to this need of creating an edge for our customers by successfully providing actionable news analysis insights for more than two decades. Aided by technological advancements, we inculcate Bespoke Analysis, Impact Analysis or News Analysis that best suit efficient, effective and timely services.

While our work process includes various types of communication tools, our offerings range across various media platforms like online, audio/video, TV, radio, social media or print.

The Digital Nirvana Matrix

With the help of Digital Nirvana’s Media Analysis Service, publishers or broadcasters can now share, organize and manage their content in a much easier and lesser time consuming means. Our trained experts read, understand and note the important traits of the selected clip of media coverage. Then the analysis is done based on various research factors like relevancy or irrelevancy of the topic; dominancy of the article; extent of the content; the core message that’s being depicted or the tonality levels described as “somewhat negative, very negative, neutral, somewhat positive and very positive.”

Digital Nirvana’s high-end news coding services and capabilities include a wide range of coding services from photo metadata to media topics that could lead to efficient data management. On the basis of thorough and practical secondary analysis of the topic, news coding and tagging of articles with keywords/metadata is done for various platforms like radio broadcasts, TV programs, online content, social media, print, etc.