Managed Services

Digital Nirvana’s Managed Services provide clients with in-depth and professional research with a set of keywords to understand how the considered content is being consumed by the global market. Monitoring how consumers are portraying the particular content which is being portrayed on the media front naturally becomes important in today’s competitive world.

The concept of managed services is primarily to comprehend the primary tonality of the content; whether it is positive, negative or neutral. Understanding of this holds high importance for almost every organization in order to track and accordingly improve their media proceedings.

How We Do It

Digital Nirvana caters to the need of analyzing media content and provides a platform for further improvisation. Our trained media analysts and specialists analyze the articles, snippets to assign specifics on the application fields like relevancy of the content, tonality, categorization, etc. The tagging of the articles is done based on the customized requirements of the clients. The instructions given by the customers are strictly followed so as to produce quality and desired results.