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Lecture capture is essentially the process of capturing the contents of a seminar or a lecture to deliver it to students at a later time of their convenience. Digital Nirvana’s online courses are designed to provide a seamless virtual reality experience through lecture or session recordings, which the students can access at any time of their choice. Our highly professional capture system facilitates students to have a real-time experience of the courses with utmost clarity. 24*7 hassle-free doubt clarification sessions and the increased discover-ability of the recordings have proved to be of quality value addition as a whole for both learners and teachers. Multiple-Source Capture Together with the lecture capture, we also capture a varied range of supporting materials from slideshows to smartboards synchronized with the record presentation.

LIVE STREAMING, RECORDING & STORAGE: Digital Nirvana offers students a real-time virtual classroom experience, including HDMI streaming of online lectures and additional support study materials. Our recording and storage solutions help students to revisit the lessons at their convenience. HDMI Recording Digital Nirvana’s high-quality synchronized HDMI recordings can be integrated into any platform opted by users. It provides comfort for students to attend classes virtually without losing the in-class experience. Record/Store in Cloud or Data Center Synchronized recording and archives help students revisit courses when required. Flexible options to record and store in the cloud or on-premise data centers are the key benefits of this service.

CONTENT DISTRIBUTION Multi-platform integration, easy & flexible access, increased search-ability has successfully impressed students to consume the archived online lectures. Improved Discoverability With our highly accurate subtitles, transcripts, and metadata, it is straightforward for students to pull out any piece of lesson from a whole lecture. This saves a considerable amount of time searching. Video Tagging Ability to provide search functionality for videos that don’t have subtitles/transcripts is all about video tagging. The experts will adopt multiple search factors, including metadata, Boolean, keyword, annotation, and tags.

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