Introducing Our New Automated Sports Clipping Service

Introducing Our New Automated Sports Clipping Service

NAB is a little over a week away, and we’re looking forward to showcasing our new products and services at the show. Come visit us in Booth #SU13113!

One new Digital Nirvana offering that we just announced this week is our automated sports clipping service. Designed to enable broadcasters to easily capture and share every fast-paced moment in a game, the sports clipping service is coupled with automated caption synchronization, empowering users to publish sports media content online and via social media without time lag while complying with new FCC regulations.

What makes this service unique is that it offers automated clipping with metadata and caption synchronization simultaneously.  Offering state-of-the-art workflow and customization capabilities, our automated sports clipping service automatically analyzes sports broadcasts in real-time and generates ready-to-publish clips of those highlights. The service can also generate highlight images and GIFs for customers’ social media promotional activities.

New FCC regulations that will take effect in July that concern all broadcasters that air content online and on television. With this new rule, all video clips of live and near‐live programming must be captioned if the associated programming is shown on TV with captions. Our new sports clipping service aims to make it easy for sports broadcasters to generate clips to share with its audiences, while at the same time being in compliance with all FCC regulations.

We welcome you to stop by our NAB booth to learn more about our automated sports clipping service, and to check out all of our media management products and services. You can also view our full news announcement on the new sports clipping service here. Hope to see you in Vegas!