Convert raw video to compliant captioned content in 90 minutes using AI-driven Trance

Trance AI-powered transcription, translation, and closed captioning

Content consumption has grown exponentially in the past year fueled by consumers’ insatiable demand. This resulted in the growth in the number of OTT platforms providing excellent opportunities as well as challenges, for content providers. Their goal is to deliver high-value content tailored to the specific requirements of each platform, including multi-language transcriptions and compliant closed captions, and to do it as fast and efficiently as possible. Our client, a leading entertainment short-form news provider, chose AI power of Trance to tackle these challenges. Trance empowered our client to generate captions within 90 minutes of asset ingest and deliver fully compliant content, conforming to exact style guideline requirements.

Digital Nirvana’s Trance brings the AI advantage to your transcription, captioning, and translation workflows.


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