Importance of Adding Captions To YouTube Videos

Importance of adding captions to youtube videos

Though YouTube is greatly considered the domain of digital entertainment, it is a great environment for learning as well. As one of the most celebrated sites and being the second largest search engine, it is the second most visited sites after Google, followed by Facebook. With 300 hours of videos uploaded onto YouTube every minute, close to 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day. Apart from overtaking TV viewership, YouTube has surpassed the time spent in watching videos on Facebook and Netflix. From being a great source of entertaining content, YouTube has grown up to become one of the most essential tool for marketers, one of the reasons why it’s called the future of content marketing. With around 50% of the marketers planning to add YouTube to their marketing strategy over the next one year, there is no doubt that adding captions to these videos can add more value to the content.

Statistics say that adding captions to videos improves SEO and overall brand presence, while at the same time, helping in improved viewership numbers. It makes more sense to read captions without turning on the sound when an interesting news feed pops up at a public place, which could be an annoyance for people around when the sound is on.

With people watching videos without sound, but with captions, on the rise, captions with keywords ensure that your video ranks higher.

Moreover, YouTube uses speech-recognition technology to automatically create closed captions for videos. These captions become visible once the viewer clicks the CC button. But the quality of the auto-generated captions however, may vary.

Adding premium-quality captions to videos have now become easier with captioning companies providing skilled captioners along with automated transcription services, simplifying the process.

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