How Digital Nirvana’s Platform Simplifies Operations for a Major Sports Broadcaster

Digital Nirvana’s media management platform helps today’s broadcasters capture content from multiple sources, create content, and publish to multiple digital platforms while monitoring for quality and compliance. Check out how one major sports broadcaster based out of the Bay Area has been using the platform to simplify its operations: Client: Top Sports Broadcaster based out of San Francisco Requirements:
  • (Network) Advertising department wanted to send high resolution videos clips to their clients
  • Operators in multiple locations across California needed access to the recorded content
  • Multiple user environment and locked network made software installation process very lengthy on user’s desktops
  • Local feeds in the form of Encrypted QAM were supposed to be recorded, which were available as Cable Subscription
  • For remote feed recording, which was available as HD-SDI, the right technology was required
Solution: Digital Nirvana’s platform addressed their needs and improved the network’s workflow –
  • Because the solution is entirely browser based, no software was needed on network desktops
  • Digital Nirvana showed the cable provider how to quickly search for the caption of a clip and jump to the content
  • The solution’s frame editor allowed for easy selection of in and out points, eliminating the need to fast-forward or rewind through content
Benefit: The entire solution fit in a 3 RU system, as Digital Nirvana’s Hybrid box
 allows for different kinds of input within one box (HD-SDI, QAM/ATSC, Encrypted QAM, IP, ASI). This greatly reduces the space required in the network’s data center. It also reduces power consumption, as the user doesn’t have multiple
 devices using power. Want to know more about the Media Management Platform? Visit our product fact page, or contact us via email at or phone at +1 (510) 226-9000. 

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