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A New York-based American media conglomerate with operations in India. With 40+ channels in multiple languages and different genres, they try to create a multi-cultural experience for viewers.

Network providers add SCTE messages into the video stream to mark the start and end of advertisement segments and to signal actions, such as ad insertion. Malformed SCTE message data, dropped packets during the encoding process, missing SCTE messages will result in ads not being inserted at all or the wrong add being inserted which leads to the loss of advertising revenue. The challenges faced by the customer were multi-faceted; from quality monitoring of their feeds, quality of experience to compliance monitoring. Competitive analysis was another area that required attention. This analysis would include monitoring competitor’s content, their advertisements, talent pool, shows, and ratings for comparison. Additionally, channels that were free to air had to do compliance monitoring by recording off-air signals. The customer also wanted the ability to share snippets of content on social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and video sharing platforms like Youtube.
Digital Nirvana's comprehensive broadcast monitoring and compliance logging platform MonitorIQ addressed the challenges faced by the customer's engineering group. It provided them the ability to monitor the transport streams for Transport Stream Analysis (TSA), helped improve the Quality of Experience (QoE) including video and audio quality, black screen, static screen, freeze frames, low or high audios, missing closed captions, and missing metadata. MonitorIQ assured that the content aired was of the highest quality, monitored and corrected before transmission. A big chunk of the customer's channels was to be used for competitive analysis. MonitorIQ helped them monitor competitors by recording and monitoring their content, advertisements, talent pool, different shows, and ratings. This helped them compare their ratings against competitors for competitive advantage. The government agency in India monitoring the compliance for different aspects of broadcasting like content and advertisement to content ratios necessitated the need for recording off-air signals. Digital Nirvana's MonitorIQ helped record channels for the purpose. To fulfill the requirement of sharing mini content on Youtube Facebook, WhatsApp, and other forms of social media, the customer used Digital Nirvana's MonitorIQ to record and cut clips, and export them to social media platforms. Along with the technology, Digital Nirvana helped the client with the deployment by having people on-site to do the initial installation on the locally purchased hardware while extending 24/7 support.
  1. Capability to record channels from multiple input sources.
  2. Industry-leading competitive ad-detection analysis.
  3. QoE reports per channel, which show uptime for video, audio, and metadata in a 24 hour period.
  4. Intuitive features for cut, clip, and export, empowering enterprise-wide collaborations.
  5. Easy monitoring of errors through Transport Stream Analysis.
The software-only deal gives the customer qualitative advantages. While turnaround, cost, quality, service reliability, etc are some of Digital Nirvana's highlights, the key differentiator is its ability to convert the process as a solution rather than just a part of a service. Offering solutions and services that best-fit customer requirements gives Digital Nirvana a great sense of accomplishment.

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