From the NAB Show Floor: The Cost Effective Open Media Appliance Explained

Earlier this year at NAB, Digital Nirvana showcased the latest version of its Open Media Appliance, a true hybrid appliance that offers excellent price performance. With the ability to accept multiple input formats in one unit, the versatile server is the platform for the MonitorIQ broadcast monitoring and MediaPro content repurposing systems.

Open Media Appliance is a feature-rich 2- or 3-RU platform that accepts a wide range of inputs, including SD/HD SDI, ASI, ASI-IP, ATSC, and QAM. Supported formats include 50 Hz, 60 Hz and DVB-T/C/S2. A unique feature of the server is Digital Nirvana’s cable card technology, which allows users to record from encrypted cable feeds in full HD. This allows for direct cable and off-air antenna recording and expansion on up to hundreds of channels. The server also delivers 30, 90, or 360 days of low-res or 1, 7, or 14 days of high-res storage. It also includes NAS Connect, allowing users to push recorded files to storage and then easily manage and search recorded media in the NAS.

The server is an industrial grade server with Raid 6HDD that runs on a Linux operating system, and it includes built-in redundant power supplies and system alerts.

With Open Media Appliance, users can do more with reduced hardware expenses. To find out more about this cost-efficient server, please check out the video below of Arco Groenenberg, Digital Nirvana’s Director of Sales, discussing Open Media Appliance from the NAB Show floor. You can also visit the Open Media Appliance product page here.