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Financial Summarization and Research

Financial Briefs – Digital Nirvana offers precise and consolidated quarterly and yearly corporate earnings calls, budget calls, or any other kind of financial-based events that require summarization is bundled and presented in the form of a financial brief. Our team of expert financial analysts listens, analyzes, and develops a summary of the entire financial session irrespective of the call duration. While we develop the fundamental briefing, we consider various aspects of the clients’ revenues, margins, profits, business models, etc. We also offer our service of summarizing the Q&A session, which is generally held post the conference summary. Key takeaways from the overall event and the Q&A session are put together in a client’s format.

Financial Bites – Our standalone bites services save the analysts’ time invested in a long conference call. Digital Nirvana’s team of expert analysts would monitor the event on which the bites are required and generate quality bites instantly. There are multiple ways in which the short length briefing of the key sessions can be leveraged, like, for live streaming of the content to the public or for post-event purposes, for an on-spot understanding of the scenario make quick decisions, and as a customer engagement tool. Clients can opt for customization of the information through infographics to add value to the financial statements.

Events Calendar – Digital Nirvana caters to the needs of traders, brokers, and other finance professionals who need to be updated continuously with upcoming corporate events by providing them with advanced and accurate calendar feeds, not just financial earnings reports but any kind of corporate announcement. We value and understand the importance of having event information beforehand, and we aim to collect expert details on upcoming events to deliver quality and timely feeds to the clients. Our proven in-depth schedule analysis and detailed views of forthcoming business events are designed to help financial professionals smooth workflow.

Our event calendar services offer services for a wide variety of corporate events – announcement-based events, webcasts, analysts meetings, shareholder meetings, press conferences, and others based on the client requirement. Our team leverages the advanced automated system to verify future events data. We have won our customers’ trust by delivering high-quality workflow progress and the adoption of polished technologies that assure refined calendar content offerings. Our team undertakes extensive research and 24*7 monitoring of corporate departments to prepare high-end data reports of top industry players.

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