Financial Summarization and Research


Digital Nirvana offers precise and consolidated financial briefs for quarterly and yearly corporate earnings calls, budget calls or any other kind of financial-based events that might require session summarization.

Our expert financial analyst team listens, analyzes and creates short descriptions of the entire financial sessions irrespective of the call duration. Various important aspects about the company’s revenues, margins, profits, business models, etc. are considered for fundamental briefing.

Our clients can also opt for summarization of the Q&A session, which is generally held post the summary of the conference. Moreover, key takeaways from the overall event and the Q&A session will all be put together qualitatively in a crisp format as desired by the customer.


We offer standalone bites services to save analysts’ time that would be invested into analyzing a long conference call. Our well-trained team of experts would monitor the event on which the financial bites are required and generate instant quality bites.

The short length briefing of the key areas of the call or session could be used for multiple purposes; for live streaming of content to the public or for post-event purposes, for on-spot understanding of the scenario in order to take quick decisions, as a customer engagement tool or other functions.

Customization benefits of opting for information through infographics acts as value addition to the financial statements.


Traders, brokers and other financial service agents or professionals need to be constantly updated with upcoming corporate events. Digital Nirvana caters to this need by providing advanced and accurate calendar feeds to its clients; not just financial earnings reports, but any kind of corporate announcements.

We understand the importance of beforehand event information and aims at collecting expert information on upcoming events much prior to the scheduled day and delivers quality and timely feeds to the clients. Our in-depth schedule analysis and precise views of upcoming business affairs are designed to help financial officials to smoothen their workflow.

Digital Nirvana’s Events Calendar Services:

Our Event Calendar Services range across numerous kinds of corporate sessions, announcement-based events, webcasts, analyst meetings, shareholder meetings, press conferences and others based on the client requirement. With the help of our advanced automated system, our well-trained experts collect and verify future events data. Our customers have immense trust on our high quality workflow process and adoption of polished technologies that assure refined calendar content offerings.

For accurate information database, our in-house experts do extensive research and 24*7 monitor corporate departments to prepare high-end data reports of top industry players.