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Field Transcription

Since 2005, the adoption of Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) engines have made Digital Nirvana capable of delivering right from live, a high-quality transcript. Experience in transcription across verticals, including financial, medical, legal, broadcast, and technology, has made us a pioneer in this sector.

Our high-profile clientele has been using our transcription services to deliver business and market news for about two decades. Our current customer use cases include:

  • High-quality transcripts for reality show footages to generate scripts.
  • Preliminary and high-quality transcripts for immediate circulation to financial analysts
  • Time-coded transcripts indexed to raw video content for easy search by editors
  • Closed Caption generation
  • Transcript as metadata in the archive library for organizing, post-broadcast
  • Ingesting time-coded transcripts into content management/content recommendation systems

The services can be utilized via REST APIs or Digital Nirvana’s Web Portal with various options to transfer data, including APIs, SFTPs, S3, GC storage, etc.

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