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Digital Nirvana

Digital Nirvana is a global knowledge management technology developer that empowers organizations to create, share, and extract insights from electronic media. Organizations worldwide rely on Digital Nirvana to improve operational efficiencies, ensure compliance, reduce costs, and expand revenue streams.

Our comprehensive portfolio of solutions includes captioning and transcription workflows, best-in-class compliance logging and monitoring; 100% automation of metadata for Avid assets; and advanced AI-based industry-best turnaround transcription and captioning services.

Digital Nirvana’s compliance-driven solutions deliver unmatched quality, proven versatility, and best-in-class performance to help organizations surmount complex business challenges and drive rapid and profitable growth.

Our Solutions

We bring AI and ML competencies to production and compliance workflows – Digital Nirvana’s knowledge management technologies empower organizations across the globe to create content, automate the generation of captions, subtitles, and metadata, as well as monitor the delivery of broadcast media.

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  • Trance

    Closed captioning, translation and the transcription made easy with Digital Nirvana’s AI-driven Trance.

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  • Monitor-IQ

    AI-driven compliance and monitoring of video, audio, and metadata.

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  • Metadator-IQ

    Simplifying and automating metadata generation with a secure and scalable solution.

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  • Caption & Translation Services

    Highly accurate & industry-best turnaround Transcription and captioning services.

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