Digital Nirvana Sponsors the AMEC Summit 2013

Last month, the Digital Nirvana team attended the 5th International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC) Summit in Madrid, Spain from June 5-7. Digital Nirvana was a silver sponsor at the event. The AMEC event is one of its kind in its domain, and is attended by media monitors, PR and research firms, and direct brands from all across the globe. The Digital Nirvana team obtained a great deal of valuable insight by interacting with different industry professionals during the summit.

“The conference really gave us a chance to connect with potential customers and discuss our management solutions,” said Vinay Kumar, head of service delivery for Digital Nirvana. “The networking sessions, workshops, and panel discussions really helped us to better understand the pain points that media monitoring companies experience. And it helped us clearly see what types of services are needed to address those challenges.”

We introduced new services and technologies at the AMEC Summit, including a Multilanguage Media Analysis service, which was developed in response to customer demand. After getting feedback from many companies that expressed the need for media analysis capabilities in multiple languages, we expanded our service to be available in not only English, but also in French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and all Indian languages.

“During the conference, we could also see that while smaller and medium sized media monitoring organizations can easily acquire print, online and social media content, we realized that a pain point for them was being able to acquire broadcast content,” Vinay explained. “Many smaller media enterprises have shied away from providing broadcast content services because they have a difficult time doing so, and as a result, they lose customers. Digital Nirvana is well positioned to provide globalbroadcast content acquisition to these companies in a cost-effective way, allowing them to maintain their customer relationships and meet their clients’ needs.”

At AMEC, the Digital Nirvana AnyStreamIQTM live stream monitoring solution made its European debut. We also featured our flagship product, the MonitorIQTM broadcast monitoring system, as well as the MediaProTM content repurposing system, and the Repeat Audio Detection (RAD) system for song and ad tracking.

“The Digital Nirvana team learned so much from participating at the AMEC Summit. Attending the conference solidified our goal to quickly move forward with launching global services that can benefit so many media monitoring companies,” said Vinay. “The main idea we got from our experience at the summit was to focus on creating simple, meaningful solutions that produce an outcome for our customers without making it complicated – which is exactly what we plan to continue doing moving forward.”