Digital Nirvana Gears up for AMEC Summit

Digital Nirvana Gears up for AMEC Summit

The International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC) Global Summit takes place this week from May 16-18 in Bangkok, Thailand. The event focuses on media evaluation and communication research. Digital Nirvana is a show sponsor, where a bold theme to reflect the disruption and innovation taking place in communications has been chosen for the 2017 show.

At the AMEC Summit, we’ll demonstrate our services for media monitoring and measurement, including support for media analysis, news report generation, broadcast news summarization, clipping and indexing, and managed services.

Our CEO, Hiren Hindocha, said, “There’s an overwhelming amount of data generated every minute of every day. The sheer volume presents a challenge to capture it all, let alone monitor, analyze and store it. We provide affordable, competent services that are scalable and can be deployed in any organization, regardless of size. Our services compile easy-to-understand, timely details for our customers that increase their ROI.”

AMEC acts as the voice for public relations research and measurement, providing a network for sharing knowledge and best practice about communications research, media intelligence and insights. Check out more about AMEC here.