Closed Captioning Solutions

Closed Captioning Solutions

There are plenty of captioning products on the market, but until now, broadcasters have had to turn to multiple sources for key functions such as caption generation, caption alignment, and quality assurance. And there’s been no single portal for personalizing huge volumes of content and tailoring it to a global audience.


Digital Nirvana’s Media Services Portal fills that niche with a rich suite of smart, self-service tools that empower broadcasters and independent content producers to enhance content value, meet regulatory captioning requirements, and prepare content for publishing to different distribution channels, including OTT, VOD, and social media.

What Is Media Services Portal?

The Media Services Portal is a comprehensive, one-stop suite of solutions for meeting the full gamut of broadcasters’ closed-captioning requirements. It offers a single interface for customers to access three critical captioning functions: closed caption generation; closed caption quality assurance through a multilevel checking process including realignment; and, through Digital Nirvana’s Metadator, automatic closed caption generation and metadata enhancement for AVID assets, together with built-in media intelligence for object and scene recognition. Plus, the Media Services Portal can be used with Digital Nirvana’s MonitorIQ 6.0 for immediate logging and feedback of content quality and compliance.


Digital Nirvana’s captioning services are designed to prepare live, post-production, and VOD content for multiple distribution channels. Caption generation and synchronization, integrated with automatic speech-to-text technology, help create accurate, multilingual captions with flexible turnaround times. Digital Nirvana’s captioning offers the ideal blend of automation for efficiency and manual intervention to ensure 99 percent accuracy. In addition, the quality check service guarantees publish-ready content for multiple digital platforms and includes features such as multiple technical conversions, format conversion, and frame-rate conversion in the formats preferred by customers.

Key Offerings of the Media Services Portal

    Closed Caption






    Quality Check


Closed Caption Generation

  • 1Digital Nirvana offers postproduction captioning services in 32 languages with near-live and weekly turnaround options for a variety of video formats.
  • 2Integrated with automatic speech recognition, the solution helps transcript editors receive output from an automated system for further editing and higher accuracy.
  • 3The application can accept content in multiple media input formats, including MP3 and MP4, and provide sidecar outputs in multiple formats, including SCC, SRT, EBU-STL, WebVTT, SMPTE-TT, and JSON.
  • 4Secure protocol implementation with layers of security helps safely transfer content into the cloud and back again. Apart from automation, highly skilled captioners perform a manual review to ensure premium-quality output.

Caption Synchronization

  • The secure, scalable caption synchronization service automates the process of repurposing closed captions by matching the spoken words with the corresponding text on screen.
  • Its integration with automatic speech-to-text technology ensures considerable reduction in production turnaround times.
  • It accepts media files in multiple formats for realignment along with caption files for processing.
  • Then it delivers the processed file in multiple formats, including SRT, SCC, STT, JSON, and STL.

Caption Quality Check

  • Digital Nirvana’s Caption Quality Check ensures content is publish-ready for distribution across multiple platforms, including OTT and VOD.
  • It has multiple features and critical functions, including technical and operational conformance checks and format conversion.
  • Technical conformance alerts users if text is not aligned with what is spoken in the video.
  • Operational conformance identifies illegal characters, text-frame gaps, unsynchronized text-frame duration in caption files, undetected speaker IDs, and tampered CC paint style, and sends alerts to the end user when the guidelines are not met.
  • Format conversion allows users to upload input as SRT files and request multiple output formats.
Why Digital Nirvana?

With a worldwide employee base of 750 and a North America-based 24/7 support team, Digital Nirvana serves major broadcasters, including CBC, Discovery, Hearst, Turner, Univision, and others. Its experience and expertise, backed by its global support team, ensure that customers get application-level availability, security, comprehensive visibility, and quick response to any queries or support requests.