Closed Captioning Solutions

Digital Nirvana’s Media Portal is a comprehensive, one-stop solution for all caption-based requirements. The simple, automatic and customized workflow allows customers to automate requests and work order assignments to maximize productivity.

Closed Captioning Solutions is a summation of all offerings pertaining to closed captions; including Caption Generation, Caption Synchronization, and Caption Quality Check.

Closed Caption Generation:

• Post production captioning services with near-live and weekly turnaround options for a variety of video formats.
• Digital Nirvana’s Closed Captioning Solution is integrated with Automatic Speech Recognition that helps transcript editors receive output from an automated system for further editing
and higher accuracy. The solution can provide captions in 32 different languages with a quick turnaround option.
• Ability to accept content in multiple media input formats including MP3, MP4 etc and provide caption sidecar outputs in multiple formats including SCC, SRT, EBU-STL, WebVTT, SMPTE-TT, JSON.
• Involvement of highly skilled editors to produce error-free content.
• Secure protocol implementation, with layers of security, helping in the safe transfer of content into the cloud and back again.
• Caption files for publishing over multiple platforms including OTT, VOD, and social media.

Caption Synchronization:

• Secure, scalable solution as a service platform automating the process of repurposing closed captions.
• Workflow integrated with automatic speech-to-text technology, ensuring considerable reduction in production turnaround time.
• Closed Caption Synchronization solution has the ability to accept media files in MP3 and MP4 formats for realignment along with caption files for processing and return the realigned files in multiple output formats including SRT, SCC, STT, JSO, STL etc.
• The solution comes with the ability to match the spoken words on screen with the corresponding text.

Caption Quality Check:

  • Features include operational and technical conformance, format conversion, and frame-rate conversion.
      • Operational Conformance:  Identifying illegal characters, text frame gaps, unsynchronized text-frame duration in caption files, non-detection of speaker IDs, tampered CC paint style, and sending alerts to the end user when the guidelines are not met.
      • Technical Conformance: Alerting users if the text is not aligned with what is spoken on screen.
      • Format Conversion: Lets users input SRT files and request for multiple output formats.
  • Publish ready captions for distribution across multiple platforms including OTT and VOD.
  • Perfect blend of technology and human intervention to ensure premium quality and quick turnaround.