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Closed Caption Generation

We offer cloud-based closed captioning services for live and post-production content for broadcast and online delivery, including pre-recorded TV shows, online video clips, streaming videos, sports, news, corporate sessions, lectures, events, entertainment, and the house of worship videos. Combining the state of the art speech-to-text that leverages machine learning and experienced captioners help deliver accurate and compliant captions efficiently to our customers.

Our easily customizable workflow and secure REST, API-based data transaction makes submitting job requests, uploading media files, previewing and exporting transcripts, and captioning files easy for the users.

Live Captioning Service:

Digital Nirvana’s Live Captioning Services with highly skilled personnel adheres to the stringent industry standards to ensure the highest quality, even in difficult audio quality or accents. Our enterprise-level workflow, supported by a dedicated technical and operations team, makes the process highly efficient, effective, scalable, and reliable.

The team prepares extensively by checking customer-provided reference materials, including scripts, subjects, presentation materials, etc., to ensure faster turnarounds. Our robust technology and contingency plan ensures seamless information flow in unexpected technical glitches without any data loss. Customers are also provided with an option to download a sidecar file per their requirement.

Post-Production Captioning

Digital Nirvana’s easy to access Post-Production Captioning workflow provides its customers with multiple data transfer options, including DN’s in-built web Portal, called MediaServicesIQ (MSIQ). Our workflow ensures a secure and smooth transaction of media assets through its cloud-based architecture. Our seamless integration capabilities with customer workflows minimize manual intervention and make the process highly efficient.

Our highly-secure cloud-based architecture, aided with an integrated automatic speech-to-text (STT) engine and a built-in automatic translation engine, has helped in content delivery at a faster turnaround. Our state of the art speech-to-text has gone through years of rigorous training to build an enviable database. Preliminary files can be provided upon request, a direct output from the automated speech-to-text engine. The STT content goes through a content editing and captioning process to ensure the quality standards are met.

Customers can also opt for output formats with a range of sidecar files that best suit their broadcasting needs.

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