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Over these years, the Internet has gained a lot of popularity instead of TV and radio. It enables access to high standard digital news to people worldwide at any hour of the day. With the fast-paced technology, there is a high availability of quick, easy, and affordable digital information. The demand to access news clips related to the same event at one single access point has given rise to the clipping and indexing concept’s invention and nurture. We offer press clipping and indexing services for media companies, PR firms, or relevant entities who wish to monitor their media outlets. Digital Nirvana’s Clipping and Indexing service generate valuable insights from unorganized and unstructured data across media. Relevant clips from all media platforms are automatically scanned and captured for preparing a comprehensive and superior collaboration of the topic being monitored.

The concept has evolved as a popular idea, and Digital Nirvana’s advanced workflow processes and expert analyst team continue to cater to the global market demand. Leveraging the efficiency that comes out of automation makes the service capabilities to handle high volumes faster while producing accurate and on-time output for our clients.

Digital Nirvana

Media Monitoring Services

  • Digital Nirvana has been serving media industry for more than two decades. Our Media Monitoring Services and Analysis is powered with cutting-edge technology to monitor TV, Radio, Print, Online and Social Media. If you are looking for insights on your brand’s overall visibility on media or measuring the impact of your campaigns, our Media Monitoring Services and Analysis can help you.

  • We help you in real-time news monitoring for providing quantitative data to scientifically analyze major trends in your organization’s public perception. We offer clipping, tagging and coding services to generate specific reports that could aid inaccurate decision making.

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