Caption Quality Check

Caption Quality Check

With the rise in streaming media consumption, broadcasters must be able to provide high-quality, closed-captioned content that integrates seamlessly with each different streaming platform, and to do so in a way that ensures content security. The technical challenges are daunting, since each of these platforms have a different workflow. Requirements for caption file formats vary widely from platform to platform, and it’s not uncommon to encounter caption synchronization issues and other production problems with captioned content.

Caption Quality Check addresses these challenges by enabling broadcasters to repurpose content across multiple platforms without having to develop individual versions for each, while ensuring that content is compliant and accessible.

What is Caption Quality Check?

Caption Quality Check is a comprehensive solution for broadcast caption alignment, quality checking and assurance, technical conformance, format conversion, and frame rate conversion. It provides a flexible, automated, and customized workflow that enables customers to submit and receive content in file formats that best suit their business needs, and to output the highest-quality content in a variety of formats to a wide range of delivery platforms. The application ensures audio-visual content meets all parameters set by the various OTT platforms, including Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

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Key Offerings of Caption Quality Check
Some of the application’s key features include quick quality check, technical conformance, operational conformance, format conversion, and frame-rate conversion.

  • Quick Check

    The preliminary check ensures that uploaded files are not corrupted. Once the content passes the preliminary check, it moves on for technical and operational conformance.

  • Caption Synchronization

    The service checks the content by using speech-to-text technology to sync caption text with the audio and video. Integration with speech-to-text technology helps with the identification of lost content or unsynchronized captions.

  • Flexibility

    Caption Quality Check accepts a wide variety of file formats as inputs — including SCC, SRT, EBU-STL, WebVTT, SMPTE-TT, and JSON — via the portal, S3 bucket, and APIs. Once customers upload their captioned content to the Caption Quality Check portal, the service automatically compares video to text using a combination of video intelligence technologies and analytics software. This combination ensures premium-quality output, providing publish-ready captions in the format requested for distribution on various platforms, including OTT and VOD.

  • Technical Conformance

    The portal supports UTF-8 encoding for TTML files, confirming the existence of caption data and helping to decode it. Its efficient alerting mechanism ensures that content providers are notified immediately when captions go out of sync. The solution also has timecode continuity, line-ending detection, media service process creation, and workflow testing that ensures premium quality.

  • Seamless workflow

    A simple, automatic, and customized workflow allows customers to automate their requests and work-order assignments via APIs or Digital Nirvana’s Media Services Portal to maximize productivity.

  • Operational Conformance

    The system ensures the accuracy of text frame duration and identifies illegal characters, and immediately notifies content providers when captions are improperly positioned, go out of sync, or exceed or fall short of character limitations. Then, the content is sent to the QC team for a final review to ensure that the output delivered to customers is of premium quality and in the correct format.

  • User Friendly

    The flexible, customized solution lets users choose from a combination of automatic and manual services and select only the services they need based on their business requirements. For example, some customers might require only the alerting mechanism, while others might ask for specific services pertaining to any technical and operational conformance.

Why Digital Nirvana?

With a worldwide employee base of 750 and a North America-based 24/7 support team, Digital Nirvana serves major broadcasters, including CBC, Discovery, Hearst, Turner, Univision, and others. Its experience and expertise, backed by its global support team, ensure that customers get application-level availability, security, comprehensive visibility, and quick response to any queries or support requests.