Highly accurate and industry-best turnaround transcription and captioning services

Digital Nirvana’s captioning and translation services are purpose-built for media and entertainment operators, leveraging the power of AI with no upfront capital expense or in-house expertise required. Generate highly accurate transcripts, captions, and translations with cloud-based technology and automated AI-driven Natural Language Processing.

In addition to our turnkey, done-for-you services, Digital Nirvana offers a SaaS-based application called Trance, which leverages your personnel and workflow to produce the same high-quality transcripts, captions, and translations in your environment.

Digital Nirvana leverages two decades of speech-to-text and knowledge management expertise to deliver greater productivity with the shortest turnaround times, elevating the accuracy and speed of the captioning process. Our caption services provide exceptional closed-captioning, metadata generation, and transcription services.

Caption and Translation: The Preferred Choice

Integration with Trance: Digital Nirvana’s speech-to-text transcription capabilities can be combined with our Trance SaaS application to provide the best in-house (self-service) caption creation and content localization workflow.

Quality: Maintaining consistent quality is a challenge for many providers when high transcription volumes and short turnaround times. Digital Nirvana delivers transcripts with the highest possible accuracy, as evidenced by our Q Score methodology.

Quick and Efficient:Technological and operational efficiencies along with more than two decades of expertise in the field, Digital Nirvana can turn complete transcripts around within three to four hours compared to six hours or more with other providers.

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Key Differentiators:

  • Professional transcription, captioning, and text translation services deliver the highest quality with the shortest turnaround times.
  • The latest AI and machine learning technologies, combined with human expertise for the highest quality results.
  • Dedicated language and content specialists covering over 30 languages.
  • Configure presets for single-click generation of closed captions in a Caption Editor Window
  • Automatically translate text to a secondary language
  • Submit files directly via PAM, API, cloud storage, etc.

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Industry-Best Captioning, Transcription, and Text Translation Services

Our Solutions

We bring AI and ML competencies to production and compliance workflows.Digital Nirvana’s knowledge management technologies empower organizations across the globe to create content, automate the generation of captions, subtitles, and metadata.

The company’s comprehensive portfolio of solutions includes media monitoring and analysis; generation and management of closed captions, subtitles, transcripts, and metadata; and advanced AI-based technologies that drive custom production workflows.

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    Accelerating the Speed of Content Creation.

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    Translation Services

    Bringing AI and ML to Broadcast Workflows

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