Metadator is a software application that makes content-based Metadata creation process more efficient for broadcasters and content owners who are using AVID media platform. The application has the ability to export media from AVID, create metadata automatically over the cloud and generate locators. The metadata, along with the locators will be automatically ingested and attach itself to the video asset present in AVID Interplay.

Key Features :

  • - Automates Media Export from AVID.
  • - Automates Ingestion of Metadata with Locators into AVID Interplay.
  • - Creates Searchable Database within AVID MAM infrastructure.

Comprehensive Solution For Metadata Generation:

The Metadator application, installed at client’s premises, communicates with the user’s internal AVID InterPlay/ISIS infrastructure to extract media and securely transfer it to Digital Nirvana’s cloud-based platform over HTTPS. Metadator allows its users to choose whether to transfer the video assets or to extract audio-only from the video assets and send it outside the customer premises. The audio/video received at the cloud center is processed for auto-generation of metadata which includes keywords, auto-transcripts, high-quality transcripts, and video descriptions. Once the metadata is created, Metadator can fetch it and post them on the user’s internal infrastructure.

There is continuous monitoring and alerting system integrated into the application coupled with a dashboard, providing access to monitor status and manage job flow.

Creation of high-quality transcripts as metadata for pre-edit footages help to streamline the editing process as well as simplifies closed captioning/subtitling processes. Content editors do not have to manually comb through huge amounts of video footages to create scene summaries. While editing footages down to a show, editors can easily find out the desired clips using the metadata that is available in the infrastructure. For reality-based shows and on-the-road interview footages, these metadata could be used for script generation and can also be provided as script to generate closed captions/subtitles. For broadcasters using AVID platform, creating a searchable database for their video content could benefit from easy retrieval and hence is getting widespread due to the increased ROI.

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