Quality metadata helps the facilitation of discovery, management, access, and use of data resources. Digital Nirvana's software application Metadator, makes content-based metadata generation secure and efficient for broadcasters and content owners using the AVID media platform by enabling creation of metadata, logs, description or edited transcripts outside the AVID media platform and ingest it accurately and automatically with the asset.

What is Metadator:

AVID users can now get metadata with locators in the Interplay using Metadator. The application, installed at the customer’s premises, has the ability to automatically export media from an AVID watch-folder, securely send the data over to cloud for automatic speech-to-text conversion, and ingest the content as locators into AVID Interplay, creating a searchable database within the AVID infrastructure. The process helps AVID users to see the text appear as string TC marker events within AVID automatically, not limited by access or location. The application can also be combined with Digital Nirvana's metadata and video logging services, helping to create client specific requests such as shot description, video summary, dialog transcripts etc.

Why Metadator:

With Metadator, customers can opt for automated speech-to-text or high quality transcripts, edited by experienced professionals, thereby enabling the processing of large volumes of metadata within a short span of time. A monitoring and alerting system along with a dashboard helps monitor status and manage the job flow. Maintenance of comprehensive metadata through Metadator, counters the disorder and degradation of data.

Creating scene summaries become a lot more easier with Metadator, making the requisite footages far more accessible, and searching data lightning fast. Desired clips can easily be recovered with the metadata available, simplifying the editing process. This further could be used to generate closed captions and subtitles, made easy with the already available transcripts as metadata within the AVID infrastructure.

Comprehensive metadata generation with Metadator, extends data longevity, facilitates data reuse and sharing, and enables data sets designed for one purpose, reused for other purposes, over a period of time.

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