Digital Nirvana’s Metadator 2.0 is a secure, scalable, software-as-a-service platform for AVID users that automates the process of metadata generation for production, pre-production, and live content. Metadator 2.0 makes content-based metadata generation secure and efficient for AVID-based assets.

What is Metadator 2.0?

Metadator 2.0, which includes an off-the-shelf integration with AVID Interplay, enables automated speech-to-text generation. Thanks to built-in video intelligence, the application is also capable of object identification, on-screen text recognition, shot-change recognition, and explicit content detection. Metadator 2.0 automatically generates locators that help users search and identify content effortlessly within AVID.

It is a powerful tool for better-structured, more detailed, and more accurate metadata that ensures timely content discovery.

Key Offerings of Metadator 2.0

Automatic and Easy to Use: Metadator 2.0 automates the entire process of transcript creation and video-based metadata generation for AVID-based assets. Each word is ingested into the Interplay as a separate marker, thereby automatically generating configurable locators that make for effortless search and retrieval.

Features of Video Intelligence Metadata: A video intelligence feature in Metadator 2.0 allows customers to extract actionable insights from video files. The video intelligence feature is capable of logo detection, face recognition, object identification, and shot-change detection, among others.

Seamless Solution: As an on-premise hybrid software application, Metadator 2.0 can reside either on a dedicated server or on a virtual machine. It can automatically extract the low-resolution version of the actual media file from an AVID watch-folder; securely send the data over the cloud for automatic speech-to-text conversion and video intelligence for object, scene recognition, and content detection; and ingest the content and video intelligence metadata back into AVID Interplay with configurable locators, thereby making videos searchable and discoverable.

Security: In an effort to ensure that the original content stays safely in the customer's network, Metadator 2.0 extracts the files from the configured storage locations, transcodes them on site to low-res proxy files, and transfers them to the cloud for processing. Until the jobs are processed, the files are temporarily stored in encrypted storage and deleted once the job is complete. All transfers to and from the cloud — and, where applicable, to external vendors — take place over TLS-encrypted HTTP. Completed work product is delivered back to Metadator 2.0, from where they are converted into formats required for submission to an AVID MAM, shared folder, or other systems based on customer-specific requirements.

Metadator 2.0 addresses the requirements of content producers in the media and entertainment space, providing a simplified way to achieve this while leveraging automatic transcription capabilities and without security threats. The application’s ability to interface directly with the AVID infrastructure inside the customer’s network ensures that media transfers are fast and the original content is secure.

Why Digital Nirvana?

With a worldwide employee base of 750 and a North America-based 24/7 support team, Digital Nirvana serves major broadcasters, including CBC, Discovery, Hearst, Turner, Univision, and others. Its experience and expertise, backed by its global support team, ensure that customers get application-level availability, security, comprehensive visibility, and quick response to any queries or support requests.

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