Simplifying and Automating Metadata Generation


MetadataIQ applies the AI and ML metadata expertise of Digital Nirvana to Avid and other content production workflows to auto- generate transcripts of live and historical assets, then indexes this transcript metadata with the corresponding media assets within the Avid Interplay and MediaCentral environments.

This automated metadata creation and integration process allow producers and editors to accelerate the identification, search, and retrieval of critical media assets while reducing the time, effort, and complexity of delivering finished content.

MetadataIQ is a hybrid application that functions as an intelligent software layer, operating between the Avid Interplay environment and Digital Nirvana’s MediaServicesIQ (MSIQ) video intelligence platform. It integrates directly with Avid Interplay to extract, generate, and index speech-to-text transcripts from live (growing files/streams) and existing media assets.

These metadata are then time-indexed as markers and the media back into the Avid Interplay environment, where they can be accessed globally via Avid Media Central

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