MetadataIQ – Accelerating the Speed of Content Creation and Metadata Generation

Metadata Generation with MetadataIQ

MetadataIQ is specially designed for content producers using the Avid media platform. It provides them with a secure and scalable solution to efficient production, pre-production, and live content creation process. MetadataIQ automates the entire process of metadata generation, which includes transferring video assets for Avid. The 100% automated generation and ingestion of relevant metadata as locators into Avid helps editors identify relevant content accurately, saving time and effort.

Key Features & Capabilities:

  • A hybrid application that enables the automatic transfer of media from Avid and enables metadata generation from the Avid system.
  • Editors can quickly retrieve and review raw footage using the speech and video intelligence metadata to enable faster content generation.
  • The metadata also enables easy retrieval of relevant content from the archive for repurposing.
  • Automatically ingests metadata for individual assets and makes the asset easily searchable.
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