Bringing AI and ML to Broadcast and Post-Production Workflows


Digital Nirvana’s Media ServicesIQ contains a suite of machine learning (ML) applications. These microservices can be applied to speech-to-text, video intelligence, closed caption conformance, and content classification in media workflows. The microservices in Media ServicesIQ integrate easily with media workflows used by broadcasters and media houses, helping them leverage AI/ML technologies within existing workflows.

Key Features & Capabilities:

  • Media ServicesIQ can be integrated with MonitorIQ 7.0 to enable powerful insights into monitoring and video intelligence.
  • The cloud-based STT engines automate the generation of transcripts of content in 30 different languages.
  • Upload video content and automatically create a classification for content and advertisements using various classification labels.
  • AI/ML empowered post-production workflows to enable broadcasters to have new efficiencies like video intelligence and speech-to-text technology, save time, and monetize valuable content.
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