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Broadcast News summarization

Over a decade or so, online news gained immense popularity and has become an integral part of the media industry. News briefs or news summaries represent a quick snapshot of world news or events, which has revolutionized how information is consumed in today’s busy world. Public relations firms, branding organizations, media monitoring units, etc. are opting for broadcast news summarization to modify information into various formats and as per their other requirements.

Digital Nirvana currently logs 30,000 hours of content per month for its customers by transcribing, classifying clips, and identifying keywords to provide readable and searchable news content.

How We Do It – In Digital Nirvana’s press clipping and summarization matrix, various news summarization levels are facilitated for the customers, creating snippets to be featured on digital media or logging content for improved discoverability. The news is automatically captured and recorded to further time code or ingest metadata/keywords according to the customer’s desire through our audio-video logging service. Our ability to automatically clip content saves our clients’ efforts. This service aims to help the PR, branding, and media monitoring firms effectively represent, syndicate, and manage news content from TV and Radio.

Digital Nirvana

Media Monitoring Services

  • Digital Nirvana has been serving media industry for more than two decades. Our Media Monitoring Services and Analysis is powered with cutting-edge technology to monitor TV, Radio, Print, Online and Social Media. If you are looking for insights on your brand’s overall visibility on media or measuring the impact of your campaigns, our Media Monitoring Services and Analysis can help you.

  • We help you in real-time news monitoring for providing quantitative data to scientifically analyze major trends in your organization’s public perception. We offer clipping, tagging and coding services to generate specific reports that could aid inaccurate decision making.

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