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Thank you from Digital Nirvana
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Dec 17, 2021

As one year ends, another begins. We want to take this time to express our gratitude to our clients and associates. Thank you for being part of our journey in 2021, where we have achieved some extraordinary things. We wish you a wonderful holiday season and looking forward to seeing you again in 2022.

We leave you with a year-end message from our CEO, Hiren Hindocha.

2021 Rewind

2021 has been a roller coaster ride for all of us. The delta variant ravaged worldwide, prolonging the pandemic and leading to NAB being called off for the second year in a row. However, today we will focus on all the positives of the year.

MetadataIQ: NAB Product of the Year Award

On a happier note, our MetadataIQ metadata automation tool won a ‘NAB Product of the Year Award.’ MetadataIQ is a SaaS-based tool that automatically produces speech-to-text and video intelligence metadata in Avid PAMs and MAMs. It is the first platform to offer on-premises transcoding and intelligent audio-file extraction to generate these transcripts. This innovative approach makes production, preproduction, and live content creation more accessible and efficient for Avid PAM/MAM users

Launch of Trance 3.2

Digital Nirvana announced Trance 3.2, the latest version of its award-winning, enterprise-grade, cloud-based application for closed captioning and transcription. Trance 3.2 has several new features that will enable faster, more efficient production of publishable closed captions and translations. New features include upgrades to the tool’s natural language processing (NLP) capabilities that, in an industry first, make it possible to identify grammar and style regulations and configure Trance to follow them.

Unveiling MonitorIQ 8.0

In 2021, we debuted MonitorIQ 8.0, an AI-driven compliance logging and monitoring tool upgraded for speed, quicker navigation, lower latency, and more excellent reliability. MonitorIQ 8.0 operating on Linux has eliminated security vulnerabilities, increased resilience to make the system faster to navigate, and enabled new streaming technology with significantly lower latency from live video.

Roadmap to 2022

As we go into 2022, we’ll be highlighting Trance, our easy-to-use, web-based application that automatically generates transcripts, closed captions/subtitles, and translations for content localization. Advanced speech-to-text engines create highly accurate text transcripts of audio and video content. At the same time, the powerful Trance interface lets users navigate, edit, and export caption files easily in all industry-recognized formats.

Built-in artificial intelligence and custom preset capabilities ensure captions confirm quickly with style guidelines from various delivery platforms. Trance also provides automated translations in more than 100 different languages. Translated and original captions appear side by side in the interface for easy editing and verification.

In 2022, we plan to expand Trance in the Indian market and create language models for Indian languages.

Catching up with new trends & technology

We foresee newer and more accurate models for speech to text, computer vision, object detection, and automated metadata generation. And we expect to see M&E companies start adopting these technologies more and more. AI and ML are behind many of these advancements, and Digital Nirvana makes it easier to adopt these tools by making them accessible and easy to apply.

That was the impetus for MediaServicesIQ™, our cloud-based microservices suite that uses advanced AI and ML capabilities to streamline media production, postproduction, and distribution. With MediaServicesIQ, we’ve created a set of core AI capabilities and made them available in a layer that people can quickly get to. It’s perfect for newsrooms, live sports and entertainment productions, post houses, and other media operations because it helps them expedite critical processes, reduce mundane tasks, and free creative personnel from doing their jobs.

We will develop custom workflows for our customers that point to the MediaServicesIQ portal. Through that portal, people can access these AI/ML-based applications from Digital Nirvana:

1. MonitorIQ is a compliance logging system, which enables powerful insights and video intelligence capabilities, such as:

a. The ability to record, store, and retrieve content for compliance, quality of service, and insights into broadcast content.
b. Automatic transcription of content from live broadcasts and commercials.
c. Automated detection of logos, objects, faces, and shots.
d. Automatic extraction of on-screen text.
e. The ability to identify ad breaks in logged content.
f. The ability to identify restricted words or topics in recorded/logged content and the classification of incoming ad material for restricted content.
g. Generation of automated reports for loudness compliance, QoE, SCTE inserts, and ad detection and identification.
h.Automatic content classification.
i. The ability to assess the quality and conformance of captions.

2. MetadataIQ applies advanced AI- and ML-based content analysis to automatically create better-structured, more detailed, and more accurate metadata in workflows that use Avid MediaCentral Production Management. Media operations benefit in two key ways:

a. There is tremendous time savings in up-front metadata generation, and
b. Producers can zero in on the assets they need right away.

3. Trance automates closed caption/subtitle generation and closed-caption quality conformance. With cloud-based architecture, trance unites cutting-edge STT technology and other AI-driven processes to bring metadata generation and closed captioning into existing operations. This means media companies can radically reduce the time and cost of delivering accurate, compliant content worldwide publishing. They also can enrich and classify content, which leads to more effective repurposing of media libraries and more intelligent targeting of advertising spots.

We have a lot more lined up for you in the coming year as we are relentlessly working on providing new features and improvements to our products and services. Subscribe to our newsletter and never miss an update.

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