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Author:DN Team

Jan 21, 2019

Getting real-time information in the financial services industry is very critical. Time sensitive and accurate information is a must for professionals working in this space as global financial markets operate 24×7 and react to global events almost instantly. Keeping a tab on crucial information thus becomes very important, but devoting more time to follow what’s happening around is a tough ask for these professionals. Keeping track of the financial details of the thousands of publicly-traded companies is a walloping task for analysts.

Transcribing, thus, becomes an important tool for all publicly traded companies. Earnings conference calls, a derivation from the acronym EPS, is a way in which companies share information to all concerned parties including institutional and financial investors, and analysts. Company’s use these conference calls to highlight their success during prosperous times and calm fears during adverse ones.

With the federal security laws mandating that companies be transparent with the information mentioned in its quarterly report 10 Q along with qualitative discussions, companies headquartered in the United States or those listed with the American Stock exchanges announce earnings and hold earnings calls on a quarterly basis. An earnings conference call basically is a discussion wherein the top management discusses the financial performance or results for a quarterly period.

Earnings calls are effective tools that help disclose a company’s performance to ensure that they are fairly-valued. These calls are normally split into two parts; one is the management presentation section and the other is the question and answer section. In the Q&A section, earnings calls provide an opportunity for analysts and investors to ask questions based on the company’s financials and strategies for future growth.

Companies conducting earnings calls tend to provide transcripts and recordings of their conferences to keep investors and analysts in the loop with the happenings within the organization. Transcripts generally are helpful in extracting accurate information from the conference. The information can be easily shared through other sources and makes it far more accessible.

True to the quote, “I know what I’ve given you; I don’t know what you’ve received”, the company representative in a conference call can never be sure that the information shared has been received as intended. A transcript of the conference helps catch every piece of information to ensure that the intent matches with the content.

Transcripts provide access to those who are unable to join the call live as it happens, and helps with easy referencing and analysis, which makes effective and efficient decision making simpler.

Digital Nirvana, with its well-trained and qualified financial industry experts with deep industry knowledge offers financial transcripts that empower analysts to review financial information and provide opinions and estimates. Utmost care is taken to ensure that the reports delivered are concise, intuitive, and precise.

The transcript team at Digital Nirvana comprising of best-in-class editors has made us one of the most sought-after vendors in the field of transcription. Our knowledgeable and well-trained resources are tuned to provide highly accurate transcripts covering a wide array of services ranging from financial, to documentaries, to medical, to interviews, to legal, to lectures and so on.

We also have a in-house development team that assists in custom-made services as per the requirement of the customers. Our finely-tuned operations and thorough process management, combined with 24×7 customer service, ensure the highest degree of transcription efficiency and accuracy.

The constant refining and fine tuning has always ensured that we are in line with the market expectations and developments. The parallel functioning of the operations and tech team has enabled in making our process more efficient, technically abreast and flexible to client requirements and expectations.

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