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May 06, 2019

Entities involved in the airing of information to the public through mediums of mass communication have the need to collect, compile, and analyze the information they broadcast. Adherence to laws, regulations, guidelines, and specifications relevant to their business processes mandate that they monitor results continually.

Reviewing content, ad performance, ad placement, etc today is critical, as the media landscape of today presents an overwhelming number of broadcasts that can either have a positive or negative influence. Monitoring helps understand other brands better and assess competitive coverage across global markets.

With the amount of content flowing through the mediums growing exponentially, monitoring, which was a very tedious manual process, has evolved tremendously over the years and has proven to be highly valuable to content owners, producers, and broadcasters throughout the world, making it easy for them to monitor, identify, save, and analyze content.

Digital Nirvana, established in 1996 has been providing broadcast monitoring and compliance logging solutions to media and entertainment customers worldwide. Broadcasters and media companies bank on Digital Nirvana’s solutions that help them capture content from multiple sources, create, and publish them to different digital platforms while monitoring quality and regulatory compliance. The once complex, labor-intensive, time-consuming, and error-prone processes like broadcast monitoring, compliance logging, multi-channel recording, content repurposing, and distribution, are now simple with MonitorIQ 6.0, the next generation broadcast monitoring and compliance logging platform with powerful AI capabilities.

A few of the highlights of MonitorIQ 6.0:

  • Being Linux-based, MonitorIQ 6.0 is highly secure and reliable.
  • Seamless integration with the Media Services Portal, a summation of closed caption related services that include:
  • Closed Caption Generation: Post-production captioning services integrated with automatic speech recognition.
  • Caption Synchronization: Automating the process of repurposing and synchronization of unsynchronized captions.
  • Closed Caption Quality Check: Identifying and alerting operational and technical non-conformities and providing publish-ready captions for distribution across the web, social media, and other digital platforms.
  • Video intelligence, detecting logos, ads, speakers, promos, and other visual data.
  • With HTML5, a browser compatible with almost every other browser, and being a proxy, MonitorIQ 6.0 can exist in the cloud, virtual machine or enterprise hardware.
  • A simplified user interface allows instant interaction with the content removing unimportant elements from the visual interpretation. It improves user experience by removing distractions and lets them focus on essential information.
  • With the rapid evolution of OTT distribution and the rise in customer expectations, OTT providers are expected to deliver premium quality content. MonitorIQ 6.0 can record the video-streaming protocol used by OTT and monitor it over the cloud.
  • With a worldwide employee base of 750, the support team at Digital Nirvana ensures that its customers are well cared for, and provides application-level availability, security, comprehensive visibility, and quick response to any queries they might have.

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