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Dec 04, 2020

Digital broadcast environments today are complex with businesses finding it difficult to create content on a constant basis to keep their audience engaged across many channels. Metadata contains the information required for the understanding and effective usage of data. High-quality metadata is now a necessity to generate insights that are relevant and valuable. Efficient generation of quality metadata is essential for easy organizing and accessibility to the resources available on the web. Be it live or recorded, a linear broadcast or OTT or VOD, content metadata is extremely important for locating and processing information quickly. Having a repository of information that cannot be searched or accessed is of no use. Effective usage of metadata should let the users search for information associated with a file by keying in the requisite keyword and effectively distribute content to other applications.

But till date, metadata creation has mostly been manual, expensive, and time-consuming.

Metadata Generation for AVID Assets:

Digital Nirvana’s Metadator-IQ is an application that automates the creation and enhancement of metadata for pre-production, live, and post-production content for AVID assets. It has the functions and tools to provide users a better-structured, more detailed, and more accurate metadata. Its ability to streamline transcription by using an automated speech-to-text generator and generate metadata for AVID users, provides content producers a hassle free experience when searching for the right assets, and helps retain a whole bunch of satisfied users.

Once Metadator-IQ is configured with the customers’ storage locations, the content for which metadata needs to be generated is automatically retrieved from those locations and processed over the cloud. The procedure involves the creation of a low resolution version of the file for processing, thereby ensuring the safety of the original content within the customers’ network or the hard drive. Once processing is complete, files are pasted back onto the customer storage locations.

Metadator-IQ, with its design to automate the entire process of metadata generation for AVID-based assets, helps content creators identify the assets they need for a given production quickly and easily, leading to faster time to market. The configurable locators that Metadata generates enable each word of the content to be identified by AVID users effortlessly.

Video Intelligence:

Metadator-IQ’s integration with powerful video intelligence capabilities helps detect logos, recognize faces, identify objects, and shot changes.

Logo Recognition:

Logo recognition comes with the capability to detect logos automatically and provide information pertaining to the logo. Accurate logo recognition in sports helps boost revenues by providing faster insights on sponsorship measurement, calculate the ROI of marketing campaigns, and helps reach a larger audience.

Face Recognition:

This feature helps in the identification of an individual by analyzing patterns based on the facial textures and shapes. Facial recognition technology identifies human faces from a digital image or a video source with precision, compares it with a database, and alerts the user if the scanned individual is considered a potential threat. Many industries have benefited tremendously by adopting this technology for their applications.

Object Recognition:

Object recognition identifies objects from an image or a video. With its power to sort several objects within a digital image at one point in time, the possibilities of object recognition is tremendous. Its use case ranges from personal security to workplace productivity.

Shot Change Detection:

Metadator-IQ’s shot change detection capability helps recognize objects and scenes from a series of frames in a video helping editors accurately select the desired shots for content creation. With this feature, splitting videos into smaller clips, removal of unwanted clips, synchronizing unsynchronized audio and video, etc., is made quick and easy.

The flexibility that Metadator-IQ offers allows the development of custom models for language data. Its ability to plug into multiple services helps customers leverage technological advancements into the future. Metadator-IQ also has the flexibility to direct media assets to the cloud platform for various processes.

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