Bringing AI and ML to Broadcast & Post-Production Workflows

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Apr 13, 2020

Easy Access to a Suite of AI & ML Applications

MediaServicesIQ is the gateway to Digital Nirvana’s solutions and technology stack that includes a suite of Machine Learning applications. The microservices (ML applications) include video intelligence, automatic speech-to-text, closed caption conformance, and content classification. All of these with the ability to easily integrate with media workflows used by Broadcasters and Media Houses, helping leverage AI/ML capabilities within existing workflows.

Automatic Speech-to-Text:

The cloud-based speech-to-text engines automate the generation of transcripts for content in 30 different languages helping generate time-coded, speech-based metadata for audio and video content. The word-by-word timecodes help in the creation of integrated transcripts for easy view, search, and integration into MAM, web platforms, etc.

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