Benefits of Our Cloud-Based Caption Synchronization Service [Video]

Did you know that the services division of Digital Nirvana offers automated cloud-based closed captioning generation and synchronization services? Proven automated speech-to-text conversion coupled with state-of-the-art workflow and experienced captioners help our closed captioning solutions be efficient, effective, and economical to our customers.

We provide high-quality caption generation for all pre-recorded and online video content through an automated process over the cloud, with options to create multiple formats and integrate directly to the user’s video platform. Our caption synchronization service leverages audio fingerprinting to automatically detect and re-time captions in near-live timeframe to enable repurposing of live broadcast captions for online delivery. The service comes with a whole suite of options for clipping, data transfer, caption formats and integrations and more.

To learn more, watch the below video of our CEO, Hiren Hindocha, discussing the benefits of Digital Nirvana’s caption synchronization service: