Digital Nirvana delivers knowledge management technologies that empower organizations worldwide to create content, automate the generation of captions, subtitles, and metadata, as well as monitor the delivery of broadcast media. Built on two decades of industry experience, the company's products Trance and MonitorIQ addresses the needs of modern broadcast media companies by harnessing best-of-breed video, audio, and AI technologies to drive new levels of speed, creativity, quality, and insight.

The company's comprehensive service portfolio offers a combination of technical and human expertise providing reliable service in the areas of media monitoring and analysis, media solutions and services, investment research, and learning management services. Addressing the needs of modern broadcast media companies, Digital Nirvana’s agile products and services scale to deliver high-impact services for organizations of all sizes, across all regions.


We Serve Customers Across Key Industry Verticals

Our AI solutions and innovative workflows accelerate business outcomes in industries like Broadcast Media and Entertainment, Education and Media Monitoring, Investment Banking & Financial Services.


To reinvent how people share knowledge, perceive insights, and bring inspiration and innovation to customers.


To deliver innovative knowledge management products and services to customers worldwide to resolve their business challenges for rapid and profitable growth.


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