Caption Quality Check

Caption Quality Check from Digital Nirvana understands the inherent conflicts involved in producing quality content and has the technology and resources in place to quickly put business requirements into production. The need for content to exist in a broad online ecosystem including OTT, social media, and other internet-based outlets in addition to traditional broadcast channels is made easy with Digital Nirvana’s Caption Quality Check, which understands the needs of the end-users and creates solutions that are purpose built with broadcasters and OTT content providers in mind. Some of the product’s key features include, caption quality check, technical conformance, operational conformance, format conversion, and frame rate conversion.

Key features:

Seamless workflow: A simple, automatic and customized workflow allows customers to automate their requests via APIs and work order assignments to maximize productivity.

Flexibility: Caption Quality Check accepts different caption sidecar file formats such as SCC, SRT, EBU-STL, WebVTT, SMPTE-TT, and JSON as inputs via the portal, S3 bucket, and APIs. A combination of technology and manual intervention ensures premium-quality output, providing publish-ready captions in the format requested for distribution in various platforms, including OTT and VOD.

Caption Synchronization: Integration with speech-to-text technology helps with the accurate identification of lost content or unsynchronized captions.

Technical Conformance: The portal supports UTF-8 encoding for TTML files; it confirms the existence of caption data and helps decode them. Its efficient alerting mechanism ensures that content providers are notified immediately when captions go out of sync. The solution also has timecode continuity, line ending detection, media service process creation, and workflow testing that ensures premium quality.

Operational Conformance: Identifying illegal characters, text frame gaps, unsynchronized text-frame duration in caption files, non-detection of speaker IDs, tampered CC paint style, and sending alerts to the end user when the guidelines are not met.

User Friendly: The flexible, customized solution lets users select only the services customers opt for based on their business requirements. For example, the alerting mechanism may be all that a customer would require, or in other cases, customers could ask for specific services pertaining to any specific technical and operational conformance.

Digital Nirvana’s Closed Caption Quality Check provides users publish ready captions for all OTT platforms.