Video Logging

Video Logging is essentially a service provided for Media, Broadcasting or production companies for a variety of reasons based on their requirements. Video logging helps to search and access their desired visual clip quickly from a large media file that makes a media editor’s life a lot easier. Video logs are also effective in recapturing the visual moments at any required time.

Metadata creation is another service that goes hand-in-hand with video logging. Metadata is created based on client-specific requirements like time code, shot description, dialogue transcript, etc.

Digital Nirvana’s Video Logging Service

At Digital Nirvana, we make great systems by strapping together our media and digital technology expertise. With our highly accurate and cost-effective video logging and metadata services, you can now capture, organize and manage your video data with a lot more ease.

Our video logging service is competent enough to meet any client-specific technical and metadata requirements.

How We Do It

Digital Nirvana’s technically qualified media experts carefully scan through the entire video broadcast and make log notes covering key information regarding the video (date, time, location, and other metadata).

Too big, too small…? File size doesn’t matter; our frame-accurate metadata help your editors to instantly pick the exact clip that you are looking for.

What Makes Us the Best?

We are in the business for over two decades and are fueled with experienced, innovative and dedicated work force that tirelessly delivers high-quality media products. Our highly diligent R&D team is constantly looking to enhance our great products.

Digital Nirvana’s proven automated process helps to amplify productivity at a much quicker turnaround.

How Easy Is To Avail Our Service?

Just sign in to our online ordering and tracking system or dial in to speak to our experts at any time of your convenience, it’s as easy as that.

Give us your specific requirements with the timeline; your video log is delivered in the format that you ask for and we do respect your timeline.