Video content streaming is one of the most happening trends in the digital world today whether it is for generating brand awareness or to directly drive sales or for mere portrayal of oneself. Visual presentations are sweeping over plain textual content at a very fast pace. With rising consumption of non-textual multimedia by the global population, video content producers or dealers are facing increased challenges to hold up to the industry’s expectations and the high competition. Advertising agencies, marketing firms and other corporate sectors which deal with video in either of the ways are urged to think out of the box, invest smart and increase the ROI from their existing libraries.

Video subtitling companies play a magnificent role here since the concept of subtitling of any video clip has today become an integral part beyond compliance into customer acquisition. Its ability to boost the content discoverability is one of the top most factors for its high adoption rates across industries all over the world. Support from the law by the requisition of subtitles or closed captions on all video formats has opened the doors to a revolutionary world of subtitling, closed captioning, caption synchronization and transcription.

Why Digital Nirvana

Digital Nirvana’s media services are equipped to cater to a wide range of customers. Our clients include production houses for movies, shows, plays, corporate for internal or promo videos, faith organization or house of worship for sermons, educational institutions for lecture or class content, government or law for court hearings or assembly meetings. Practically, any entity that utilizes visual content and requires text for speech or non-speech items to be displayed can avail our subtitling services.

We add subtitles to video online. Our services also cover movies, TV shows, corporate meetings, training videos, seminars, universities or school lecture videos. Service experience of over two decades coupled with a passionate and dedicated approach towards adopting technological advancements into the process has helped deliver quality services to our customers while containing costs. Our decade long relationships and above 95% customer retention is our pride.

Key Benefits

  • Content Security: Secure your data with our cloud-based architecture
  • Multiple Format Outputs: including customized formats
  • Flexible Customer Care
  • Quick Turnarounds: ranging from 2 hours
  • Automated Workflow: leveraging speech-to-text for efficient processing
  • Accurate and Synchronous: subtitles free of typos, grammatical/punctuation errors
  • Tailor-made Solutions: integrates with customer’s existing process to automate content acquisition and subtitle file delivery
  • High volume handling capacity