Copyrighted Content Tracking

Entertainment industry is incurring humongous loss due to various forms of piracy, adversely affecting music companies, artists, other stakeholders, etc. There is a sharp increase in the count of entities beginning to opt for content tracking to take necessary precautions to avoid losses due to duplication. Proportionally, the concept of metadata of copyrighted songs is globally on the rise.

Digital Nirvana offers a copyrighted content tracking service using powerful audio fingerprinting technology to identify and tag copyrighted songs and programs across a large network of monitored radio stations. Our advanced technology can accurately monitor what songs are played and when. An intuitive web-based architecture offers a comprehensive database with metadata of copyrighted songs and programs. In addition, clients receive detailed and customized reports of song data and activity.

Technologies and Benefits

  • Audio fingerprinting
  • Repeat audio detection
  • Metadata editing
  • Supports multiple languages and non-captioned broadcasts
  • Offers comprehensive reference databases and metadata of copyrighted songs and programs
  • Provides detailed and customized reports of song data and activity