Closed Caption Synchronization

With the FCC regulation for captions on Sports and Alert News published over the web came into effect from 1st July 2017, the need for real time captioning and web publishing of broadcasted video content is on the upside.

Digital Nirvana’s all-new revolutionary closed caption synchronization solution has been put together to address this need. Get quality near-live synchronized captioning of your unsynchronized captions for web delivery, which is aimed to reduce the lag time between broadcast and IP delivery. For sports and alert news clips with 8-12 hour window for captioning on web, our services also offer proofreading and editing of captions with high accuracy.

How We Do It?

Our caption synchronization solution is designed specifically to reduce manual intervention. The process dealt by Digital Nirvana consists of few simple and organized steps through which broadcasters today can benefit in multiple ways whether it is to reduce errors or to save time.

The live broadcast is captured after which fingerprinting of the same is carried out. Then synchronization within the video clip(s) is done. The content is then delivered back to customers in a near-live pace so that it can be distributed onto their internet portals. The compact solution as a whole ensures a faster, hassle-free and a much advanced technological service to synchronize existing captions.

Digital Nirvana’s Best Practices

Perfect Synchronization: We synchronize the timing of captions as closely as possible to the audio narration. We take pride in sharing that our services don’t leave any chance for a notable delay.

Importance to Musical Cues: Readily accessible and available descriptions of sound effects and musical backgrounds, to those who wish them- taken care of!

Accurate Captioning: Not only free of grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors, our team shall also ensure a consistent format, style or font while synchronizing the text to the multimedia content.